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September 16, 2009

Students are now being informed of due dates and provided handouts on their respective Ning sites.

Teachers interested in my handouts, etc should consider going to for more details and ideas.



Week 5/11 – 5/15

May 11, 2009

Welcome to the last FULL week of school! You can do it!

English II – Now that we have finished The Grapes of Wrath, we will:

  • Mon/Tues: discuss the novel (circle discussion)
  • Wed/Thurs: turn in ESSAYS (see topics here), perform skits/reader’s theater, play vocab CatchPhrase
  • Mon/Tues: Essays will be returned w/comments, self grade,  write a letter to yourself regarding your strengths and weaknesses in writing. Review for final.

English III – We will read two dystopic short stories and discuss in class. Next Monday will be a review activity for the final.

Creative Writing – Finish revising short stories, turn in portfolio by the last day of class.

Reminder to all: Extra credit PORTFOLIOS are due by Friday, May 15. Late submissions will not be graded.

Week 5/4 – 5/8

May 5, 2009

English II – We are deviating from the schedule! I apologize for the incovenience, but it should allow more time for us to discuss, write, and review for the final. In class [B: Tues 5/5   A: Wed 5/6] we will read ch. 25 aloud, jigsaw and discuss ch. 26 in your lit circle groups, and your homework is to read ch. 28! Don’t forget that you are responsible for 3 entries on your DEJs (Double Entry Journals) for ch. 24, 26, and 28. Your homework Thurs/Fri [May 7/8] will be to FINISH the book!!!

English III – We will be watching Gattaca and filling out a chart describing its dystopic characteristics in class to transition between Frankenstein and our new Dystopia unit.

Creative Writing – You should be finishing your short story and we will peer edit in class.  Don’t forget about your portfolio!

Week 4/27 – 5/1

April 26, 2009

English II – Make sure you are caught up on your reading (through Ch. 18) and remember to bring your “Ticket in the Door” questions to class Monday (B: 4/27) or Tuesday (A: 4/28).  Remember that we will engage in another “circle discussion” and you will be receiving credit based on your participation.

English III – You should be finished with the novel, finished responding (best and worst) to the “Science on Trial” papers on our Ning and prepared for our Socratic Seminar over Frankenstein (responsibility) on Tuesday (4/28).  There will be a test over this unit on Thursday (4/30).

Creative Writing – Now that we have discussed plot structure and dialogue, we’ll focus on authentic characterization as we begin writing our short stories.

Week 4/14 – 4/17

April 17, 2009

English II – Read ch 10 by Fri (B 4/17) or Mon (A 4/20).

English III – Read ch. 20-21 by Monday 4/20.

Creative Writing – Finish uploading to


April 15, 2009

Week 4/6 – 4/8

April 8, 2009

easter-wallpaper-003-1024I hope everyone has a lovely Easter break!!!

English II – We are reading The Grapes of Wrath and you should be through chapter 8 by Tuesday (4/14) when we return from break. (We will read ch. 5 and 7 IN CLASS.) CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE LIT TRIPS!

English III You should have completed your Science on Trial rough draft and read through ch. 16 when we get back from break on Tuesday (4/14).

Creative Writing – You should have completed your rough draft for you supernatural (legend, myth, fairy tale, fable) children’s story and be ready to revise and illustrate!